The new AccuComfort Variable Speed systems from American Standard have taken home comfort to the next level. This family of equipment provides precise comfort with lower picresized_1407441386_20seervariablespeedoperating costs , reduced humidity, less noise, and lowered energy use. AccuComfort Variable Speed systems can save you an estimated 60% on your utility bill.

AccuComfort variable speed systems have a variable speed compressor and fan motor. Instead of your system always working at full capacity every time it runs, variable speed systems adjust to varying conditions while maintaining your desired level of comfort. AccuComfort systems keep your home within 1/2 of a degree of its setting.

With lower speeds and longer run times, AccuComfort also reduces the humidity in your home. Which means that you will feel more comfortable at more efficient temperature settings. These heat pumps are the quietest at 4 decibels below nearest competitor’s minimum.

Not only are AccuComfort systems more energy efficient and quiet, they are also durable. American Standard has an all aluminum spine fin coil that is more efficient at transferring heat, and highly resistant to corrosion. Heavy duty steel panels that protect the coil are coated with a durable powder-painted finish that prevents rust and corrosion.

American Standard also includes variable speed air handlers that can communicate with your heat pump to provide your family with the most reliable and comfortable home environment possible.

Jay Davis, owner of Davis Heating & AC, has been certified by American Standard for the installation and service of Variable Speed Outdoor Systems. Please give us a call if you would like more information on the AccuComfort systems or for a free estimate on upgrading from your current system.