Davis Heating & AC, LLC came together with a plan to give a Veteran in need a new Heating and Air System for the impending Winter Season. To receive nominations, we set up a Facebook campaign, participated in numerous vendor events, and reached out to multiple Veteran Service Offices. We received a plethora of candidates and read each one of them. One stood above them all, an 87-Year-old United States Navy Veteran of Maysville, NC. For confidential purposes we will keep his name private and refer to him as Mr. Lake. Mr. Lake was without heat and was having to use electric space heaters throughout his home. Upon contacting Mr. Lake, it became clear that he would need more then just a new Heating and Air System. We Reached out to our Vender Partners, Johnstone Supply of Jacksonville and Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, INC. of Wilmington for assistance. When presented with the plan of attack to ensure Mr. Lake would have heat this holiday season, they jumped at the opportunity to give back to our Veteran Community.

Giving back to our Veterans is important to Davis Heating & AC, LLC for many reasons including but not limited to:

Our Veterans sacrificed so much to protect our freedom, that many of their sacrifices go unnoticed because you can’t see what is happening inside of them.

The Cost of Freedom isn’t Free and We should all be willing to Sacrifice a portion of our time and effort to help those that give us this Freedom we enjoy each and every day.

Many of our employees have family members that have served or continue to serve, and we have witnessed the impact that has on them.


We don’t do this to pat ourselves on our backs or win awards. We do this to give back to a community that has given us so much to live for.  We would like to extend Appreciation and Gratitude to the following that partnered with us to make this possible.

Nicole Jenkins of Jones County Veteran Services

Jerry Lawson Jr. of Yandle-Witherspoon Supply, INC.

Nate Rocelle of Johnstone Supply of Jacksonville