Ductless systems provide heating and cooling in spaces where ductwork is not an option or practical. It consists of an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit that is mounted on the wall or ceiling. With ductless systems, you can condition air in a single room or up to five rooms per outdoor unit. Ductless systems are great for retrofits, sun rooms, garages, and room additions.

Ductless systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home with up to a 27 SEER rating. Each zone or room has its own remote control thermostat so you can condition the air in only the rooms you are occupying. Also, there is no loss of energy through ductwork. The price to install ductless systems may be higher than more traditional split systems, however; the cost to operate is much lower.

3 Benefits of Ductless Systems:

1. Energy savings: Up to 27 SEER efficiency, cool only occupied rooms
2. Zone Control: Everyone can be happy in their own room.
3. No Ducts: No loss of energy through ductwork, provides heating and cooling in otherwise impossible places.

American Standard’s line of ductless mini-split systems use variable speed inverter technology. This allows the compressor to adjust to the most efficient speed to meet you demands. Its 35% more efficient than conventional single speed compressors. Also, each American Standard ductless indoor unit keeps the air in your home clean by  providing triple filtration.

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