Have the AC on but only warm air coming from the vents? Its a common problem during the cooling season. There are MANY reasons your air conditioner may be blowing out warm air. Before you call an AC repairman out, try these steps first.

1. Check your thermostat settings. If your fan is set to “on” instead of “auto”, air will blow from the vents even when the air conditioner isn’t actually cooling your home. This setting helps circulate the air in your home but can sometimes lead you to think that the AC is blowing out warm air. Also, make sure that someone did not accidently turn on the heat instead of the air conditioning.

2. Check your air filter. The air filter in your home protects your AC by removing large particles in the air. If your filter is logged or dirty, it can restrict the air flow and cause the system to freeze up and not cool the air.

3. Check your outdoor unit. If your outdoor unit is not turning on, check your breakers. Your heating and air system is on a separate circuit than the rest of your home so the switch may be in a different location like near the electric box outside. Make sure there is no debris blocking the outdoor fan or coils.

4. Call in an expert. Other things that can cause your HVAC system to blow warm air can range from minor repairs (like wires or capacitors) to major ones (like a Freon leak or compressor).

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