Cold Radiator

Whether you are just trying to save some money on your utility bill or dealing with an untimely breakdown, these helpful tips can keep you and your family warm without cranking up the heat.

1. Layer up. This one may sound obvious but it works! Wear socks, slippers, sweaters, and don’t forget about hats and scarves. The more you wear, the warmer you’ll feel!

2. Cook something.  Make yourself a hot beverage like cocoa or tea. Just taking a sip of something warm can help your body start to feel warm. Be sure to bake something as well and leave the oven door cracked once its been shut off to add some heat to your home.

3. Take a hot shower. A nice, hot shower or bath is a great way to warm up. Don’t turn on your bath fan though. Bath fans not only draw out the humidity but the heat as well. Instead, leave the door open to allow the warm, humid air into the rest of your home.

4. Block out drafts. Block drafts around doors with towels or door sweeps and try to keep outside doors closed as much as possible.

5. Adjust your curtains. Open your curtains during the day to allow warm sunlight into your home. At night, keep curtains closed to prevent the cold outside air from seeping into your home.

6. Burn some candles. Believe it or not, the small flame from candles can actually add heat to your room. As always, open flames can be dangerous so be sure to keep an eye on any lit candles.

7. Body heat. Whenever possible, keep everyone in your home together. Or even better, build a fort for everyone to hang out in. Take a walk around the house, do some jumping jacks, or play a family game of charades to warm up.

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