After decades of successful use in Europe and Asia, ductless systems (also referred to as mini-splits) are the fastest growing segment of heating and air conditioning in the United States. They can be installed in a variety of applications, including individual rooms or for the entire home and are an extremely efficient way to heat and cool your room or home.

Ductless systems especially great for rooms like garages, sunrooms, or your man cave since they can heat and cool the space without taking away from the other rooms. Older and historic homes that do not have existing duct are another place where it may be more sensible to have ductless systems installed.

More people are familiar with using mini-split systems in single rooms but new advances have made it possible to use ductless in the entire home. Up to eight indoor units can be installed with a single outdoor unit to allow for the people in each room to control the temperature independently. This also allows you to turn off the system off in room that aren’t being used, in turn saving you money.

Pro’s of Ductless:

  • Flexibility: Can be installed in almost any room or home without using any duct.
  • Multi-zone: Each room’s temperature can be set independently.
  • More energy efficient: 40% more efficient than standard systems and no loss of energy through ductwork.

Con’s of Ductless:

  • Higher up-front costs: The cost to buy a mini-split system is more expensive than traditional systems.
  • Aesthetics: Indoor units are typically mounted on the wall but may also be placed in the ceiling or near the floor.

Pro’s of Traditional Ducted:

  • Lower up-front costs: Traditional duct heat pumps cost less to purchase and install.
  • Aesthetics: All components are tucked away except the thermostat.
  • Better air circulation: Ducted systems allow for better air flow and circulation.

Con’s of Traditional Ducted:

  • Ducts: Having a duct system installed is an additional cost and may require future repairs.
  • Additional costs for zoning: Standard ducted heat pumps do not allow you to control temperature on a room-to-room basis. Zoning controls can usually be installed at an additional cost.
  • Less energy efficient: With efficiency ratings up to 20 SEER, ducted systems are still more efficient than using baseboard heat or window unit but is less energy efficient than the ductless systems.

If you need help deciding between going ductless or with the more traditional ducted systems, our comfort specialists are here to help. Davis Heating & AC, LLC is an American Standard Customer Care dealer and also an American Standard Mitsubishi Ductless Pro. We offer free estimates on new systems and will give you options on the best way to keep your NC home comfortable.